Record label and collective music community

Flat E

Flat E is a record label and a collective music community. Flat E were created by Elias Samuel Nielsen (aka Octopus Oddity) in February 2019 when he was living in London. He created Flat E Records at first because he just wanted a label to release his and his friends’ music. Later, he realized that what he in fact wanted was a vibrant collective music community connected to the label. This was when the name was changed to just Flat E.

Flat E is a pun on the fact that Octopus Oddity was at the time living on 39 Elgin Crescent – in flat E!

Flat E Records and Flat E CMC* are two different concepts – so let us elaborate!

Flat E Records

The Label

The label is all about the music we are releasing.

It is where we manage production including recording, mixing and mastering. Also this is where Live Sessions are managed, however the musicians and everybody included in the team around recording, mixing ect. are also part of the CMC*.

Flat E Records is about the artists and the music they create and get released. It is what we like to call ”the label itself”.

Flat E CMC

The Collective Music Community 

Flat E CMC is all about the music.

This is a music community for all musicians and music-lovin’ people who are interested in contributing to the creative processes of writing, recording  and producing or just listening to the music. It is all about the people. We strongly feel that everybody who loves music should have the chance to join in and feel like they have a place with people they can relate and who also love music. This is what Flat E CMC is all about.

Thanks for reading! We appreciate you taking the time to get to know Flat E

–  Flat E

* Collective Music Community

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